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The Fennel Giraffe

Science Fiction Worldbuilding

11 October
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I'm a middle-aged single mom who has been reading science fiction since I was 10 years old. Over the years I've often thought "I could do that, too!" Of course, if I was ever going to get serious about writing, I probably would have done so by now. Still, I enjoy poking around with ideas, and who knows, maybe it will all come together for me tomorrow. (Hey, dreams are a good thing--even if they're unlikely.)

I have a science fictional universe I've been working on for years. That's always appealed to me--a universe rich enough to set many different stories in.

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Why fennelgiraffe? A few months ago, I was playing with an online anagram generator and "fennel giraffe {third word}" turned up as an anagram for my real name. It struck me as amusingly quirky. When I decided to create a separate LJ for my science fictional interests, I thought it was an unlikely enough combination to still be available--I was right.